Ridderspoor Tang Dennison X MK III (per 1st.)

35,99 excl. BTW

Prijs per stuk
1 35,99
2-4 34,91
5+ 34,19
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A-kwaliteit textieltang. 

Fine / Fijn / X 

 Uiterst professionele  aanschiettang van Dennison.
| A-Qualität Anheftpistole. 

Fine / Fein / X 

Professionelle Anschießpistole von Dennison.
| A-Quality Tagging gun. Needle Mark II fine. Compatible 50/clip 100/clip 120/clip Fine X / F / Q Very professional Fine Utach Tagging Gun. Fine Quality Tagging Gun with top conduit for clip with pins. which serves as protection for the needle. Gun has transport for clip rest matter. to prevent damage of the fabrics. The gun processes until 120 T-pins on a clip/strip. All 50/clip.100/clip and 120/clip can be tagged with it.

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